Lord Of The Rings, As Told From The Orcs' Perspective

We know the story of Lord of the Rings as it occurred from the Hobbits' perspective (guy receives some disappointing heirloom jewelry, decides to melt it down). But what would the story look like from the Orcs' point-of-view? Gather 'round, friends, and hear the tale of Gandalf the Betrayer.

In response to this post, looking at every single death in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, some commenters began discussing just what the trilogy might have looked like from inside the Orc army, where the vast majority of the on-screen deaths were pulled from:

David Gustafson

So...if orcs are bright enough to realize that when they leave the house in the morning and go to work, they've got like a 0.13% chance of surviving the book/movie, just how bad are things at home that facing Gandalf the Betrayer is the rational choice?

Sir_Stig, Keeper of the FiST

Gandalf the Betrayer? Where do you get that?

David Gustafson

Made it up. I figure some of Saruman's followers might've considered Gandalf the betrayer of their wizard. (If you're on the other side, you've got to call Gandalf some kind of bad name.)

Daniel M. Clark

"The War of Elven/Human/Dwarven Aggression"


"We begin tonight with more violence in the Pelinor Strip of Gondor where tensions have been heating up for the past thirteen months. Mordor's Minister of Communications says his country's actions are only a response to, quote 'Elvinist bastards blindly following the lies of Gandalf The Great Deciever.' Sources close to Gandalf responded to the accusations with a prepared statement describing the situation as 'unfortunate but necessary for the spread of peace and stability throughout all of Middle Earth.' Rumored attacks by the Mordorian Air Force on Gondorian and allied forces cannot be confirmed at this time... Ashtree Took, Hobbiton News."


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