Looper's Rian Johnson Is The Director Of Star Wars: Episode VIII

Illustration for article titled emLooper/ems Rian Johnson Is The Director Of emStar Wars: Episode VIII/em

He will also reportedly be the scriptwriter of Episode IX, but not the director. Man, not only is Disney is getting their Star Wars biz together quickly, they're hiring some real scifi talent with Johnson, Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank. It's getting immensely difficult not be excited about the future of Star Wars.


Oh, the best part? Johnson tweeted a link to the below video immediately after the news came out:

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Herman Zindler

Will JJ Abrams not be involved past VII? I'm not wild about the guy, but I'd hope the new trilogy has a consistent feel to it.

Beyond that, it isn't surprising that Disney can attract big names to Star Wars - so many of today's filmmakers were largely kids when it started in '77. The concern is that the quality will dip as time goes on and the Mouse doesn't back down from the movie-per-year rhetoric.