Post-Apocalyptic Hell Freezes Over in This Trailer for 2307: Winter's Dream

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This fun-looking small scifi movie is being pitched as “Mad Max on ice,” and you know what? It’s not inaccurate.

Directed by Joey Curtis, Winter’s Dream follows a group of soldiers in a post-apocalyptic society tasked with hunting down the leader of a rebellion amongst artificially-created humans. There’s a lot of bulky winter gear/armor, people battling against the elements (and nasty looking Mad Max-ian humans), and at one point a gun that I’m pretty sure could be classified as a laser shotgun. Fun stuff!

2307: Winter’s Dream has yet to set a release date, as the film is being shopped around at the ongoing Cannes Festival.


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Looks like this took a ton of work to make... Also looks just as bad as any random straight to video 80's movie if that’s your cup of tea o.O