Looks Like The Iron Fist TV Show Is Really Happening!

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Everyone’s been wondering if Netflix is really going to make a TV show based on Iron Fist, the comic about a blond guy who goes to Asia and becomes a martial-arts master. While Daredevil and Jessica Jones have been huge hits, there have been repeated rumors that Marvel was struggling to make Iron Fist work. But it seems like the show is on the way now, with the reveal of its showrunner.


Comicbook.com is reporting that Scott Buck—whose eclectic resume includes Executive Producer credits on Dexter and Six Feet Under, as well as scripts for Rome, Everybody Loves Raymond, and more—has been put in charge of the series. It’s the first real good bit of news for Iron Fist since was announced as one of the four Netflix series that would form Marvel’s Defenders crossover.

But now that there’s that out of the way, when will we actually get to see Iron Fist? It’s hard to say. We’ve got Daredevil Season 2 early next year, followed by the currently-filming Luke Cage later in the year. The success of Jessica Jones makes a second season seem increasingly likely... could we see Jessica Jones season 2 in early 2017, followed by a mid-t0-late Iron Fist debut in 2017? It’d be a bit tight if the characters were to potentially appear in the opening half of Avengers: Infinity War as their own superteam, the Defenders, that same year.

At least it really is a little bit of good news for Iron Fist.

[Via Comicbook.com]

Header Image Credit: Immortal Iron Fist #1 variant cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto.


Are they brave enough to actually cast an Asian actor, or will they succumb to “tradition” and pull the whole mighty-whitey-is-superior garbage?