Looks like Ant-Man is officially wrapped!

Director Peyton Reed took to Twitter yesterday evening to report that principal photography on the film is in the bag. "The ants have left the building," he wrote.


"Stay tuned," huh? We wouldn't say no to a teaser.

Ant-Man is scheduled to drop July 17, 2015.

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I hate to say this, and it seems I am the only person who feels this way, but even as a child hungrily devouring each new comic as soon as my allowance came in, I thought Ant Man rather silly.

Talking to ants? Ants digging traps in seconds for a rampaging Hulk to drop into to? Fearful ants alerting Hank Pym to earth-threatening dangers arising from the earth's core? Really? Blah.

And Giant Man was no better. Even at his huge size, he was never a strong as either Iron Man, Thor, or the Hulk, and not being bullet proof, any thug with a gun would have an impossible-to-miss target.