Looks Like ANOTHER Dead Game of Thrones Character Is Coming Back to the Show!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

George Miller says he already has scripts for two Mad Max films. A legendary artist is designing Star Wars: Episode VIII. Felicity will be funnier in Arrow season four. Fear The Walking Dead will never cross over with the main series. Plus, teasers for Doctor Who and iZombie. So Many Spoilers!


Mad Max

George Miller says that the long process of creating Fury Road has given him time to produce two sequels worth of scripts:

This film [Fury Road] was green lit three times and fell over three times over a decade. We went to shoot with Mel Gibson back in 2001, but then 9/11 happened, and the American dollar collapsed against the Australian dollar close to 30 per cent, so we lost that amount of budget overnight….We were then rained out of Australia. The desert rained for the first time in 15 years, and we ended up in South West Africa, Namibia. But in this process, we had dug down deep into the backstory, not only of the characters, but of every vehicle. How the steering wheels became religious artifacts and things like that. So we ended up with two scripts, without really trying. We’re talking to the studio [Warner Bros] about it as we speak, but which one of the two stories will happen next, I’m not so sure.


[Coming Soon]

Star Wars Episode VIII

Speaking at MondoCon, artist Jock has confirmed that he is involved in the production of this film in some capacity. [/Film]

No Men Beyond This Point

Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired the rights to the film about “a world where women no longer need men in order to reproduce and are no longer giving birth to male babies, leaving the male population on the verge of extinction”. [Deadline]


Batman v Superman

Jesse Eisenberg discusses his approach to the goofiness of Lex Luthor:

There is this trove of stuff about this guy. A lot of it’s repetitive, like he always winds up on the roof of his building giving some faux benevolent talk about how he’s going to change the city. It’s fun to take that campy cartoony stuff and try to put it into a real person and try to reconcile the two.


[Coming Soon]


There’s a smattering of new footage in the official music video for Sam Smith’s theme song, “Writing’s on the Wall”.

Game Of Thrones

Sibel Kikeli, who played Tyrion’s lover Shae in the first four seasons of the show, has been spotted on the set constructed at Peñíscola, which is standing in for Meereen.


Although there’s a likely chance that Kikeli is merely visiting the set, she is allegedly also staying in the hotel that the cast are exclusively using during the duration of filming—leading to speculation that Shae will return in the form of a dream or vision that comes to Tyrion as he starves during the Meereen famine. As ever with unconfirmed rumors like this, it’s best to treat it with skepticism for now. [Watchers on the Wall]

New cast member Melanie Liburd has also been spotted on set, this time in costume that seemingly confirms yesterday’s rumors that she had been cast as the Red Priestess Kinvara. [Watchers on the Wall]



Good news: the show’s second season has been offered an extra order of 5 new scripts, bringing the series to a total of 18 episodes. Of course, there’s no guarantee all of those scripts will wind up being filmed, but it’s a good sign. [TV Line]


The cast discusses some of the new personas Liv adopts in the second season in a new featurette, while Liv discovers an inadvertent side effect of the zombie cure in New Hope/Final the Rat a clip from “Grumpy Old Liv”.

Heroes Reborn

Here’s a synopsis for the sixth episode, “Game Over”:

THE FIGHT TO SAVE HUMANITY BRINGS FORTH A MISSING HERO - MASI OKA RETURNS AS HIRO NAKAMURA - DYLAN BRUCE, EVE HARLOW, CLE BENNETT, AISLINN PAUL AND TORU UCHIKADO GUEST STAR - Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) takes matters into his own hands to get much-needed answers. After Tommy (Robbie Kay) makes a startling discovery, he and Emily (Gatlin Green) go on an unexpected journey. Elsewhere, Luke (Zachary Levi) continues to come to grips with the fact that he has become what he has been hunting. Malina (Danika Yarosh) finds a surprising ally. Miko (Kiki Sukezane) stays on the course to save her father, but Erica (Rya Khilstedt) takes measures to interfere. Meanwhile, Carlos (Ryan Guzman) learns more about what is really going on with EVOS from an unlikely source.


[Spoiler TV]


Marc Guggenheim says Felicity’s humor is “back with a vengeance” in the fourth season:

[Emily Bett Rickards is] on the top of her game. She’s hysterical. We’re definitely writing jokes for her, but she’s also finding humor in lines that weren’t intentionally humorous.


[TV Line]

Here’s a new comic book preview for the season premiere:


DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

Meanwhile, Guggenheim also confirmed that the third episode of the show will be called “Blood Ties”.


Fear The Walking Dead

Gale Ann Hurd shuts down the idea of this show’s cast meeting up with Rick and the survivors of The Walking Dead:

Well, it’s truly the rules of the universe. I mean our group of survivors in The Walking Dead haven’t even made it as far as Washington D.C. yet, in six seasons, and they are not that far away. So for the Fear characters to make it across the country? For what? I mean why would you go there? I mean how would we motivate our characters to head to D.C., or you know to head to the Southeast. I just don’t think that that’s something that would be a natural outgrowth of who our characters are and where they are when the show begins.



Doctor Who

Here are some lines of dialogue from the next episode, “Before The Flood”:

Somehow I doubt that Rose or Martha or Amy lost their breakfast on their first trip.

Why have we gone to Russia?

First proper alien, and he’s an idiot.

This isn’t a potential future, this is the future now. It’s already happened.

This regeneration, it’s a bit of a clerical error anyway.

You can’t cheat time, I just tried.

Maybe it will mean that the universe will be ruled by cats or something in the future.


A few more at the link. [Blogtor Who]

The Flash

Flash Day celebrations are interrupted, and Firestorm helps out in a battle against Captain Cold and Heatwave, in two new clips from “The Man Who Saved Central City”. [USA Today]


Twin Peaks

Finally, Showtime has released a new teaser, although with no new footage—just The Man from Another Place dancing from the original series.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Game of Thrones.


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No Men Beyond This Point

Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired the rights to the film about “a world where women no longer need men in order to reproduce and are no longer giving birth to male babies, leaving the male population on the verge of extinction”.

But no, seriously, if this goes through I seriously can’t wait to pop some popcorn and wait for the same crowd of MRAs who flipped at Fury Road to react.