Looking For A Few Good Knights And Swordfighters In Austin Area

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io9 is seeking some excellent historical re-enactors to stage a sword fight at our South By Southwest party, the evening of March 13. Ideally we'd love folks from (or sympathetic to) the SCA or Renaissance Faire who have cool garb and are comfortable sword fighting among modern folk. But we are also open to any trained sword fighters who want to show us their stuff and possibly teach party-goers a few moves. We can set up in an outdoor courtyard with a tent, or cordon off an area indoors.


Participants will be VIPs at our party, get as much free beer and drinks as they like, and will earn our undying fealty.

Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested. It's also possible we could do some other kind of historical reenactment too, so let me know if you have ideas.


If you want to participate or know somebody who does, please email annalee@io9.com with the subject line "sword fight." Thanks!

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Ugh, I'd love to but SXSW is the most miserable time of the year in Austin. Not worth the drive up from San Antonio. I've got brigandine, chainmail, helmet and sword loaded into the trunk right now for critique next week.

I've discovered showing up to a critique in armor is a good ice breaker.