Looking at These Game of Thrones Teaser Images, You'd Never Guess There Was Almost an Apocalypse

Why the long face, Jon Snow? It’s not like your whole world was almost destroyed. Oh wait...
Why the long face, Jon Snow? It’s not like your whole world was almost destroyed. Oh wait...
Photo: Helen Sloane (HBO)

Man, Winterfell is looking pretty spiff these days—almost like that war with the undead never happened! The latest images from the fourth episode of Game of Thrones eighth and final season show Winterfell’s “good side” during a funeral, followed by battle strategizing, and creepy vibes between a pregnant lady and a pirate.

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Game of Thrones has a hard act to follow after “The Long Night,” a horrific thrill ride that ended in tragedy and triumph, after the Night King was defeated at the hands of Arya Stark, our perpetual lady of badassery. Now, it’s time to mourn the dead, make sure Samwell Tarly is alive (he is), and take the fight to King’s Landing. Here are the photos from HBO (via Entertainment Weekly):


Now that one of the show’s biggest threats is seemingly out of the picture after the White Walkers were defeated, it’s time for Daenerys Targaryen to set her sights on the Iron Throne at last. But Queen Cersei Lannister has no intention of giving up, and has 20,000 mercenaries ready to toe the line. We’ll have to see where things go in this latest 80-minute adventure, the last Game of Thrones episode directed by David Nutter—who directed, among many episodes, “The Rains of Castamere.

Game of Thrones returns with episode four on Sunday.

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I’ll be so happy when Euron is dead, there is no character in the show I want more dead then him. Him and his stupid attempts at comedy and his ability to stick out in whatever scene he is in.