Look What Happened The Last Time Galactica Found Earth

This scene from Galactica 1980 gave me some weird nightmares when I was a kid, and it still creeps me out now. Every time people discuss what will happen when the new Battlestar Galactica finally reaches Earth, this scene flashes before my eyes, and I shudder. So I thought I would share it with you. Seriously: what the frak? Spoilers ahead.

So Dylan and Troy, the Apollo and Starbuck knockoffs, have just gotten back from stopping their errant colleague from giving super-future technology to the Nazis in World War II. And now they think it's a great idea to lend invisibility and mind-control tech to some slack-jawed kid who's been bullied at school, so he can mentally damage the bully with his "I'm inside your heeeeaadd" routine.


Just remember this bizarre and unsettling moment next time someone complains that the new BSG is too creepy or frakked up. This beats Leoben Swayze-dancing with Starbuck while they paint her cabin together by 100 centons.

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Charlie Jane Anders

@reddingofish: I saw Razor in a theater (for a free screening, but I would have paid) and it was awesome. I think I loved it way more because of seeing it on a huge screen like that.