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Fighting crime by spraying spider-webs at them is no longer exclusively Peter Parker's property; now there's a robot that will do exactly the same thing... if the lawbreakers in question are very, very slow.


You have to hand it to the inventors of this new four-wheeled security bot; they're obviously geeks. Not only does it shoot out a Spider-Man-esque web to foil any thieves, but it's called the T34, which suggests that it belongs somewhere in Skynet's overall scheme for robotic overlording (Admittedly, somewhere on the bottom of the list, round about the time that they ran out of all the parts needed to make the robots look scary. Or competent).

That's not to say that the T34 is about to launch its own rebellion anytime soon; it still requires a human to remotely control it, as well as pick up whoever gets caught up in its tangled web. But that's no reason to feel complacent; for all we know, there might be a T33 around the corner that's ready to kick our asses for laughing at its older brother.


Security robot that nets burglars with spider web spray [Daily Mail] (Also, Gizmodo)

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