Look Into The Future World Of 2084... If Hitler Won

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Explore the future world that would have been had Hitler won in WW2 with a heap of concept art from Watchmen of Hellgate, plus meet Disney's first Bollywood Superhero, Zokkomon!


Watchmen Of Hellgate
Fantastic Films International has a collection of crazy films all in the production stages, and Watchmen of Hellgate caught our eye (via Quiet Earth) when we first thought it was a live action take on the RPG game, Hellgate: London, because their mock-up poster is a rip from the game. But what the project actually is, is a futuristic noir meets steampunk tale about what London's future would've been like, if Hitler had won in World War II. Here's the official synopsis:

A cross between Bladerunner and George Orwell's 1984, WATCHMEN OF HELLGATE shows the aftermath of a world in which Hitler had won the war. The year is 2084, the place is London and a new big brother is watching. This is a totalitarian world where the Nazi Party rules. The new chancellor is guided by Hitler, who lives on as a computer program after his thoughts and ideas were downloaded. A vigilante resistance unit called the Watchmen were born to subvert the state, lead by five common man heroes. From their secret hideout in the sHellgate Hotel, they orchestrate mayhem until their leader is captured. Then they must enlist the help of Captain Nemo and the Nautalus in order to burrow underground in an attempt to rescue their Watchman leader.


The film is continually referred to as an animation and here is their list of "pending" cast:

Steven Craine (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi; Evil Calls; Kannibal),
Christopher Lee (Pending) (Dracula; Lord of the Rings; Star Wars),
Billy Zane (Pending) (Titanic; The Phantom),
Jeff Fahey (Lost; Grindhouse),
Warwick Davies (Happy Potter; Narnia: Prince Caspian),
Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead),
Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who)

Finally, a pamphlet for the film has been leaked on the to internet with scene descriptions like this -

‘Ellington's men sit smoking and drinking around the small jazz club that is dressed from head to toe in Nazi flags. Around the room are four glass tubes that have nude dancers inside. Two with men and two with women that only wear a gas mask. Smoke flows into the tubes and swirls around them as they dance. Various girls walk up to the soldiers as they lap dance in front of them. The soldiers place money into the girls stocking tops.'


- as well as longer character and scene descriptions. We're particularly interested in the torture scene... it sounds messy.

All in all, this project seems like it is still a long way away, but we're definitely interested in what comes out of it, whether it's animation, CG feature, or live action adventure. They just need to change the name, for obvious reasons.


Box of Shadows
Next up is the first look at Mauro Borrelli's ghost and wind-up coffin feature. A batch of kids uncover a 15-century coffin that opens the gateway into the ghost world, and of course, what starts out as a fun trip into the spirit world ends up with bloody ghost tears (As these things so often do). Here are a few stills from the official site:

Mongrels Creed
This little Aussie short is labeled as a post apocalyptic comedy, but we're going to need to see a bit more to fully get the joke. The film takes place in the dungeons of a future world where a friend goes up against the bitter old government to save his bestie from being "reprogrammed."




Mongrel's Creed Trailer 2009 from lulabelle on Vimeo.

Click to view

Mongrels Creed Intro 720p from James Brown on Vimeo.

Now that Kick-Ass is getting us all in the mood for murderous children, Frame137 should find a nice bloodythirsty audience. The film is based on The Crow's James O'Barr's work, and lord almightly if that that isn't the emo-iest hair cut we've ever seen. Makes you want to cry and smoke cloves behind the gym, it's so delightfully dated. Still, we like the 10-year-old anti-hero and his fast karate hands. He's like a tiny Seagal.


Frame 137 Teaser from Judd L. Tilyard on Vimeo.

Twitch points out Disney's newest superhero, Zokkomon. This will be Disney's first ever Hindu superhero film, and we're already obsessed with the adorable lead, Darsheel Safray. The film is scheduled to hit foreign markets this May. Here's the official synopsis, for now, with a tiny teaser trailer:

Zokkomon is an action adventure film about an ordinary boy who rises to meet extraordinary challenges. Kunal, played by Darsheel Safary, is an orphaned boy, who discovers how cruel life is when he is abandoned by his heartless uncle. Left to fend for himself, Kunal discovers the hero within and begins his epic journey of adventure and transformation to become Zokkomon.

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"He's like a tiny Seagal."

I don't know what YOU were watching, but that wasn't even close to Seagal, let alone a realistic fight (or even a plausible fight). I know movie fighting isn't supposed to be realistic, but they didn't even try to make it look like anyone was even TRYING to hit the kid. It looked like they were play-fighting with him.

On a side note, anyone with martial arts training will also tell you that fighting becomes nigh impossible with that kind of hair style (nevermind how lame myspace emohair styles already are).