Look How Much Better The Giver Movie Looks in Black and White

Earlier today the trailer for The Giver dropped. Unfortunately and somewhat surprisingly, the Hollywood adaptation of Lois Lowry's book is in color! This is NOT Giver canon. But don't worry — the internet has fixed that for you.


In the novel, the future humans cannot experience pain, joy, or even sunlight's warmth. And also, THEY CANNOT SEE COLOR. So imagine our surprise when the new trailer revealed that The Giver movie was set in a world of color. But thanks to LaughPong on Youtube, we now have the fixed version (and proper translation) of this film, in black and white.


Thank you to David Hudson for pointing this out, and giving us the perfect title.

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Okay everyone, STAHP with the B&W thing.

The filmmaker's dilemma is that before it was explained to Jonas, he didn't know he can't see in colour either. The introduction of colour was a shock to the reader as well. In the book, Lois Lowry never used a single colour based adjective until Jonas received memories of colour.

There is no way to show this in a visual medium without basically giving the plot away.