Look at Those Guns: Here's an Official Look at the Batmobile

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Following the photos that leaked this morning, Zack Snyder has dropped an official shot of the new Batman v. Superman Batmobile. If anything, this looks even more souped up than the other photos.

First, we're once again treated to this film's monochromatic official photography. Second, unlike the leaked photos, we get a very good look at the front of the vehicle in this shot. And it looks like the Batmobile is seriously packing heat.


Clay Enos, the photographer, explained the new photo with a tweet saying, "iPhone photography is great but some things deserve better." Snyder's tweet was more dismissive of the leak:

So there we go, this is the "real" one.

[The Verge]


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"I don't use guns. Except on my cars. Those don't count." But Batman- "I make the bat-rules around here!"