Look at These Ancient Egyptian Artifacts from Every Amazing Angle

The first rule of visiting any museum is "Do Not Touch." But, the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology is trying to ease that restriction, at least a little bit, by launching an interactive site where visitors can view virtual 3D objects as if they were holding them.


Located at the University College of London (UCL), the museum has one of the largest ancient Egyptian and Sudanese collections in the world. The virtual artifacts are created through photographic 3D scanning and then—after being scrutinized by a curator—are placed online, where visitors can rotate and zoom in on the images, catching fine details often not visible to the naked eye.

The project is still in the early development phase, though the Petrie Museum hopes to share the process with other museums, encouraging the digitization and increased accessibility of collections.

Tour the virtual exhibit at the 3D Petrie Museum.

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