Look at the Art Behind One of Magic: The Gathering's Biggest Events

Nicol Bolas brings the Hailfire.
Nicol Bolas brings the Hailfire.
Image: Grzegorz Rutkowski/Viz Media

Last year, Magic: The Gathering built up its lore to an Avengers: Endgame of its own: powerful planeswalkers from across decades of Magic sets united to fight the dread threat of the Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas, and his plot to ascend to godhood. Now, a new artbook is collecting the story and sights behind the War of the Spark—and io9 has a look inside.

Published by Viz Media and written by James Wyatt, The Art of Magic: The Gathering—War of the Spark looks back on the story and art behind Magic’s eighty-first expansion, War of the Spark, which released last year.


From walkthroughs of the elemental planes where Bolas plotted his desire to become the God-Pharoah, to the heroes that rallied across the multiverse to stop him, the book doesn’t just offer a primer to the lore behind one of Magic’s biggest story moments, but a chance to see the artwork on all the cards that helped tell that story across the expansion.

Image: Viz Media

Check out a gallery from the book below—and a spread covering the mystical plane of Dominaria— making its debut here on io9!


The Art of Magic: The Gathering—War of the Spark is out now.


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Five bucks says that’s going to be the worst selling art book ever. Tons of fans hated the associated novel, and while the art is good, it’s just the regular level of quality Magic art has, so... yeah. Not gonna be a top seller...