Loni Anderson Explains About the Time The Hulk Cried

When you look back at the 1970s TV series The Incredible Hulk, with Lou Ferrigno playing the big green guy, you feel in your bones how wrong it is to make the upcoming movie version of the monster CGI.


How could any CGI creation ever capture the pathos in this scene, where Hulk cries over a nice murdered lady and witness Loni Anderson narrates? I love the extremely broad range of emotions that cross Loni's face.

In this episode, called "Of Guilt, Models, and Murder," full of twisty turns and amazing feats of derring-do, Hulk gets swept up in a triple-crossing crime and Rashomon-esque retellings of it. Here you're seeing the second retelling, where Loni says that her boyfriend killed his fiancee, and Hulk came smashing in when he heard fiancee's screams. Later we find out (shock!) that actually Loni killed the fiancee. But either way, the point is that when Hulk sees murdered lady, Hulk sad. Hulk cry! Let's just see Edward Norton, playing Bruce Banner in the upcoming Hulk movie, try to top Lou Ferrigno's emoting in this scene!

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Annalee Newitz

@strider_mt2k: I always find the incessant hitchhiking in the Hulk TV show completely weird. Did everybody hitchhike in the 70s?