Long-Lost Jim Henson Animation Turns Jazz Music Into Something Visual

Jim Henson may be best known for his puppeteering, but he also created a number of experimental animations, including this one, a visual interpretation of one of jazz great Chico Hamilton's pieces.

The Jim Henson Company recently rediscovered Drums West, one of a number of Henson pieces inspired by Hamilton's music. Henson created the short in his Bethesda, Maryland, home around 1961, and at the end of this video, the young Henson talks a bit about his process in making the papercut animation.


[via Boing Boing]

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Didn't there used to be really weird music videos out in the early 70's where a piece of instrumental music would play and you'd get a crazy pattern animation appearing like Jim Henson's video. Pretty sure it was similar to jazz because of the craziness of the music can change quite often allowing for the music to be animated more on screen. Perhaps this is where he might have got an idea for it?