Long Lost Concept Trailer for the Science-Fictional Zorro Reboot

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Many years ago, Hollywood was kicking around the idea of a Zorro reboot set in a post apocalyptic future, in which Zorro has cool guy goggles. And now the proof-of-concept trailer has surfaced for this long lost feature. Behold a poignant victim of Development Hell: Zorro Reborn.

Show Biz Cafe has a Youtube of what they're claiming was a screen test created to drum up excitement around the idea of a futuristic Zorro. After viewing the trailer, it's pretty clear why this project needed it — because after watching, we're actually kind of feeling this bizarre idea. But who is responsible for this?


Last we heard, Rpin Suwannath, who worked on concept design for X-Men: First Class, the Narnia movies, and The Matrix, was the director for this project. But Show Biz Cafe is reporting that the 20th Century Fox project (starring Gael García Bernal) had Ricardo de Montreuil (The Raven) signed on as director.

Ricardo de Montreuil is the director of this test footage, the actor playing Zorro is Jason Day and the voice over actor is Jon Voight. The script has been undergoing copious rewrites, but apparently takes place after a meteorite collides with Earth destroying most of California and Mexico. But the tragic crash also supplies a new form of energy which people begin flocking towards to harvest and make money. And with all things big and money making, a giant corporation is created and begins oppressing the working people. Or something like that.

What do you think? There's a whole handful of concept art over at Show Biz Cafe so be sure to check it out.

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