You think the sitcom Last Man on Earth has a weird spin on post-apocalyptic survival and the problems of the one man left alive? Check out this bizarre skit from In Living Color, in which the last man on Earth has an uncomfortable awakening.


This short comedy sketch manages to veer all over the place, which is part of what makes it so fascinating. Like the surviving women (of whom there are many, at least in this one bar) do seem to be really into Wendell—but then they just want him to do chores and fix their cars and do that man-stuff. Just when the skit seems like it’s going to get lost in gender stereotype-land, though, it goes in another, more insane direction, because the women all decide that instead of sleeping with Wendell, they’d rather just sexually harass him. A lot. With pasties and stripper music and butt-slapping.

What would Yorick do?

[Thanks to whoever pointed me to this skit a few months ago!]

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