Melinda Snodgrass is best known for writing the Star Trek episode where Data's personhood gets put on trial. But in the mid-1990s, she created Star Command, which took Trek's holodeck much, much further. Just check out this holo-torture sequence. Edgy!

Star Command is a totally ludicrous attempt to do a Trek-esque space opera on a shoestring budget. During the first hour or so, all of the female cremwmebers wear a white formal uniform that makes them look like strippers during Fleet Week, complete with white dress jackets, white caps and teeny white miniskirts. Later, there's a drill when everybody's asleep, and all the young cadets run onto the bridge of their ship wearing their pajamas... or in some cases, nothing but a T-shirt. Star Trek never did that! And no, I really don't know why my copy of Star Command is only playing in Hungarian. I think it's because the scene isn't dramatic enough in English.

But back to the weird virtual reality world. It's not just crazy torture sequences. There's also a scene where another one of our heroes has a pleasurable V.R. simulation... in which, for some unaccountable reason, he's wearing the puffiest sleeves outside of a Fabio cover. Later on, the ship's captain catches him doing this V.R. simulation, and the hot chick in the bathtub morphs, without any warning, into the captain's scowling head.