Long Before Batman Vs. Superman, We Had The Great Amazons Vs. Supermen

We still have high hopes for the collision of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on the big screen — but we've already gotten a totally insane superhero team-up involving Amazons. Back in 1975, Hong Kong's Shaw Bros. and Italy's Cinematografica teamed up to give us the movie Amazons Vs. Supermen.


In Amazons Vs. Supermen, a group of evil amazons are oppressing the countryside, much like in some other 1970s movies. So it's up to a team of heroes including an African guy with superstrength and invulnerability to flame, a Chinese guy, and a hooded mystic who knows the secret of immortality, to defeat them. Using weird McGyvered stuff, including homemade flamethrowers.

The whole movie is above, but I cued it up to the scene where the three heroes have teamed up and are trying to make their own homemade "wings." Also, if you only watch a bit of this movie, skip to the ludicrous ending — especially the final three minutes, where the hooded mystic reveals his secret.


Charlie Jane have you just been on a cheesy old Amazon kick and are writing these articles to justify it?

The fight choreography from the opening looks abominable. Like 10 year olds who watched a Kung Fu movie and try to copy the moves but have no idea how to even throw a punch.

It isn't cued to any spot though. It started with the ridiculous music opening for me. But after watching a couple of random scenes of ridiculousness I think I need to watch this.