Logan's Run Remake Finally Happening ... Maybe

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Logan's Run is one the only few films that was firmly rooted in the science fiction genre and wasn't titled Star Wars to come out of the 1970s. It's also been stuck running in place in Hollywood's favorite prison: development hell. Will the remake actually happen this time?


Directors ranging from Skip Wood to Bryan Singer have worked on a remake in various stages of pre-production since the mid 1990s, but it never gained enough traction to stay on the rails. Although it now seems like producer Joel Silver has found his team: director Joseph Kosinski and screenwriter Timothy Sexton (Children of Men).

While the hiring of Sexton is a shot in the arm, since Children of Men did such a great job with a post-apocalyptic future, Kosinski is a first-time feature film director, which could fall on the good or the bad side of the fence. Although if it couldn't get going with a name like Bryan Singer attached, then maybe this newcomer will breathe some much needed fresh air into the project. Although since the novel is part of a trilogy (with a fourth being a novelette, and another sequel in the works), you think they might hand these reins to someone with some experience.


However, if it means getting Logan's Run to the big screen all the sooner, we say hand a camera to just about anyone and let's get things rolling ... er, running. Although we wouldn't mind not having a repeat of the dreaded Logan's Run TV series from the 1970s. Yes, it really happened.

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