Brace yourselves for sexy parties from a spandex-clad dystopian future, because Warner Brothers' Logan's Run movie may actually see the light of day! Beloved commercial and short film creator Carl Rinsch is in talks to direct the futuristic remake.

We honestly thought the Logan's Run remake was lost somewhere in movie purgatory (we can even remember when director Bryan Singer was rumored to be remaking the picture). But the latest rumored director is Carl Rinsch, who you may remember as the man behind short film The Gift:

Naturally, this amazing short promptly started a bidding war. Furthermore, Rinsch was almost the director for Ridley Scott's new Alien prequel, until Ridley decided he wanted to direct the picture himself. Heatvision is now reporting that Rinsch is "in talks" to bring Warner Brother's Logan's Run back to life. Based on the novel, LR takes place in sometime in the 23rd century in a utopian society with only one flaw. Everyone must be "renewed" once they hit 30. Spoiler, renewal = death.


The main character - who was portrayed by Michael York in the '76 film - is a Sandman. And it's his job to chase down the "runners," or people who run away from being renewed, and kill them. That is until he starts questioning the system.

Still, the project has a long way to go. Even if Rinsch signs on, it will still need a rewrite. So we are a ways away from sexy futuristic Circuit parties, for now.