Logan Director Wants to Keep the Wolverine Train Rolling with X-23 Solo Film

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Hugh Jackman might be hanging up his claws after Logan, but director James Mangold is determined to keep the Wolverine saga going with X-23.


Mangold recently told We Got This Covered that he’d love to work with Dafne Keen on a follow-up film, showing Laura’s transition into becoming the new Wolverine. As you might know, X-23 has taken over the role in the comics, so it makes canonical sense for the cinematic version to pick up where Logan left off.

“I think Dafne is incredible in the film and I would love to see another film about that character and that’s certainly something I’d be involved in. For me that was one of the big additions I brought to the table, this decision to try to make the film about family and to try to insert Laura,” Mangold said.

Of course, all of this is still up in the air. Jackman has confirmed that Logan is his final film as Wolverine, but Patrick Stewart has stated that he’s open to continuing his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the future. Could he become X-23's mutant mentor, granted he doesn’t die in this next film? A lot of it depends on how Logan performs in theaters. If it does well, then Fox might be open to continuing the story with Keen’s character as the new Wolverine. It wouldn’t be the first time they jumped on the bandwagon after an unconventional superhero film’s surprising success.

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You know, as a parent, there’s one thing that I will never pay to see in a movie, and that’s physically threatened children. I just don’t want to see it. X-23 is a nightmare of a character, a girl who has been systematically tortured for her entire life by maximally evil people. She’s actually built to withstand torture, to be able to survive damage that would kill ordinary people instantly.

Who likes this kind of stuff? Who wants to watch children be tormented? Don’t tell me that that it’s trying to expose actual child abuse - no actual children are gene-edited to be indestructible assassins. This is an inexplicably weird and nasty trope imported from a minor character in a minor artistic medium.