Lockheed Martin Turns To Marvel Comics For Inspiration

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It's not exactly Iron Man, but Lockheed Martin's Human Universal Load Carrier may be the first step down that road, allowing soldiers to cybernetically increase their strength for days at a time, as well as shield its wearer from harm.


Lockheed are so excited about the Tony Stark-inspired suit that they've made a promotional video extolling its virtues over a Garageband-friendly soundtrack:

The HULC (So close with all these Marvel references!) is also being fitted with a new battery that won't just allow the suit to last three days on one charge, but also power other equipment as well. We're interested, but won't be buying one until they've worked out how to make repulsor rays a reality.

Lockheed's HULC Super-Soldier Exoskeleton Gets More Juice [Popular Science]

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Man used to carry armors between 40 and 60 lb. to battle in medieval times and had the strength to do it. And we are trying to avoid physical strain on the premise of endurance? Damn, I think that Wall.e movie wasn't that far off after all.