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Our hearts were crushed when the television adaptation of the comic Locke & Key (which was penned by the amazing Josh Friedman and boasted a pilot directed by Mark Romanek) was canned by FOX before it was ever released. Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s comic book is exactly the kind of creepy mystery-solving the world needs, and recent news gives us hope for a Locke & Key resurrection.


Universal allegedly has their eye on this comic book property and is looking to flesh it out into a three-part film! Should the movie studio get their way, they’re hopeful that Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (who were also producers on the Fox series) would continue in these past roles for the film and possibly write the screenplay. Absolutely none of this has been confirmed, but we’ve got all out fingers crossed. Here’s the old trailer for the Fox TV show that never got off the ground.

[Via Latino Review]


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