Locke & Key is FINALLY getting made into a movie

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Mark Romanek’s TV translation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s fantastic comic Locke & Key died before it could ever air. Which is a shame, because the pilot was bloody beautiful. But it sounds like the comic may resurrect in a different form: as a movie.


Universal studios has been sniffing around this series for a very long time, and now they’ve finally pulled the trigger and purchased the rights. THR broke the news that Universal is going to try and produce Locke & Key, the movie, with the original TV production team of Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Bobby Cohen still intact.

For those of you who haven’t read the comic (you should) the story loosely revolves around a troubled family who move into a completely bananas home that is filled with magical keys that grant various powers. But of course they’re not the only ones fascinated by these puzzling keys. Truth be told, the actual comic is much darker and complicated than it appears, and it’s fantastic. So fingers crossed Universal can pull off the movie translation.

And finally, there’s no mention of a sequel, but you could make at least four films out of the long-running comic. Fingers crossed the first movie is a hit, so we can see more.



Been hearing lots of positives about this over the years, but never picked it up. I suppose I will now.
Any particular story I should read (or avoid), or just start at the beginning?