Location Scouting For The Next Riddick Has Begun

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The newest news about the greatest Furyan boosts our hope that the next Chronicles Of Riddick project will be made. The team is scouting new Riddick locations in New Zealand.


According to Vin Diesel's Facebook page, the Riddick crew is headed to New Zealand to look for locations. Which is totally different than any Riddick world we've seen thus far.

I wonder if New Zealand will be the hostile planet Riddick will be stuck on, "surrounded by hostile beasts." I hope so, because it's gorgeous. And while I'm happy to have Riddick back, I'm hoping that they attempt to explain the Necromonger world that was introduced in the Chronicles of Riddick — but so far the new Riddick sounds more space action and less space opera. Still, always good to have the Furyan back.


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Annalee Newitz

More Riddick = win.