Lobo's Space-Biker Good Times Run Out Of Gas, Thanks To Steampunk Sherlock

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The tweed-covered Robert Downey Jr. has outwitted the alien bounty-hunter/space-biker Lobo. Guy Ritchie has bailed out of the Lobo movie in favor of another Sherlock Holmes film.


According to the LA Times' Hero Complex, Ritchie has rearranged his schedule to start prep work on Sherlock Holmes 2. Sadly this may not mean that Lobo is merely on hold, the project might be dead in the water, or at the very least delayed by a few years.

"I don't think he's going to do ['Lobo']," said Joel Silver, who is a producer on both "Lobo" and "Holmes." "The studio wants us and Guy to focus on making another 'Sherlock Holmes.' So I think we're going to be doing that."


Even though Sherlock Holmes didn't conquer at the box office, it's important to remember it opened the same time Avatar did, and held on to the second place slot rather tightly. Still, we truly hope someone else picks up the Lobo film, this character's over-the-top lunacy is a story that most certainly needs to be told. Our dream pick for Lobo director is Neill Blomkamp, just because he's good with the violence.

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Anekanta - spoon denier

I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, but I am dying to see a Lobo film. I never read the comics as a kid (couldn't afford it—I was spending all my money on RPG's), but my friends told me about the stories—

Like Lobo visiting the women only planet, or Lobo killing Santa Claus, or Lobo getting kicked out of hell for being too violent...

That stuff has to be put on film!