Lobo, the Baddest Bastich, Has Arrived in a New Trailer for Krypton Season 2

Lobo will appear in season two of Krypton.
Lobo will appear in season two of Krypton.
Image: Syfy
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Lobo, one of the most popular and violent DC anti-heroes, is finally here in the trailer for Krypton season two. But exactly how he’s going to fit in the show’s larger narrative remains to be seen.

The second season of Krypton begins June 12 on Syfy, the trailer suggests that the time-traveling story of trying to save Superman’s planet will continue. However it will, somehow, now include the seemingly random and unrelated Lobo. Even his arrival in the trailer feels weirdly out of left field—and yet, it’s still intriguing for fans who’ve long waited to see the character brought to life. Check it out, and watch all the way to the end.

Lobo is played by Emmett J. Scanlan and this brief glimpse of mayhem and humor makes it feel like the character is not going to be an antagonist here. Obviously, though, no one can trust Lobo and it certainly won’t take long for the heroes of Krypton to realize that.


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Is it really the Main Man or is it that ‘lobo’ that’s been in the comics lately?