Live Your Fairy-Tale Dreams By Moving Into This Magical Amusement Park

"Aggressively priced" at just over $2.1 million: the awesomely retro Enchanted Forest, located in an actual old-growth forest in British Columbia. The owners, who built up the park in the 1950s and 60s, are retiring ... which means this is your chance to take over (pet dragon included).


According to the real-estate listing, "The main trail of the grand forest provides the magical setting for over 350 jolly folk art figurines, BC's tallest grandest treehouse that rises 50 feet into the forest canopy and a giant stump house with surprises around every corner."

As Curbed points out, it's not just jolly folk art. You can actually live amid all the amusements, too: "The two-story candy cane (i.e. the Hansel & Gretel witch's dream house) on the outskirts of the property is actually a fully functional home. Purchase of this magical kingdom will also entitle you to a mushroom house, a castle, a life-size recreation of Winnie the Pooh's forest penthouse and enough mystical structures that the term 'generic treehouse' actually becomes applicable."

Mushroom house. A castle. ONE'S VERY OWN WIZARD. What's not to love?


The property also includes the SkyTrek Adventure Park, in case your fairy-tale fantasies also include zip lines and Indiana Jones-inspired climbing walls.

Via Curbed.

Images via the Enchanted Forest.


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