Looking like a cross between a UFO and a giant glass bead, this mountain cabin is perfect for entertaining both human and alien guests. Moritz Craffonara, who lives in the Italian Alps, wanted a hideaway where he could see the stars. So he hired experimental designer Ross Lovegrove, whose design for the "alpine capsule" will give him a 360 degree view through the glass walls.


Says green design blog Inhabitat:

The Alpine Capsule is an 8-meter wide structure with a double-glass skin that is covered with a special reflective coating. The coating meant to reflect the structure’s surroundings and blend in with the environment.

The capsule runs off the grid, drawing all its energy from solar and wind. Mostly though, the point of the capsule is to sleep naked on a weird bulgy thing - as you can see in the interior design mockup below. Craffonara will begin construction on the cabin in the Alps in 2010.


Solar Powered Alpine Capsule [via Inhabitat]