Live like a Bond villain in your very own nuclear bomb-proof satellite tracking station

If you've already got the white cat, the diamond-powered laser, and the army of henchpersons, all you need to complete your villainous lifestyle is a satellite tracking station to call home. The Jamesburg Earth Station could be yours for just under $3 million.

The station was built in Carmel Valley, CA, in the 1960s and was designed to withstand a 5-megaton nuclear blast. If that's not enticement enough, the station also comes with a helicopter pad, three bedrooms, a basketball court, two water wells, and 160 acres of property. Oh, right, and an antenna powerful enough to broadcast your own television station around the world. All that for just $2.95 million.


For Sale: Nuclear Bomb-Proof Space Station In Carmel Valley [KSBW via DVICE]
Photo by Matt Ulrich/May Chow.

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