Live-Action Robotech Will Be a Full Franchise at Sony

Well, that was fast. It was just this February when we heard that the issues keeping a live-action Robotech moviefrom happening had been ironed out. And now, not only has Sony snapped up that project, they've announced plans for a whole franchise of Robotech movies.

In February, we heard that producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton and writer Michael Gordon (300 and G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra) were working on a Robotech movie, and now they've got Sony backing the project. Back then, we heard that the Andy Muschietti (Mama) was their first-choice director, which is probably still the case.


Not only is this film getting made, but Sony says it intends to move "toward production of a future global franchise." Which isn't a huge surprise, since everything must be a franchise and Robotech's already well set-up for that kind of adaptation. There's a huge back catalog of stories to mine for a franchise.

So finally — finally! — after years of non-starters, it looks like we're getting live-action Robotech movies.

[via Coming Soon]

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