Live-action remake of the sorrowful, zombie-filled Dead Island trailer

The trailer for the zombie survival game Dead Island was a grim and gory ad, showing the tail end of a vacation gone wrong in reverse. Now Machinima has posted a live-action rendition of the bloody heartbreak.


BJ McDonnell directed this shot-for-shot remake of the trailer—the trailer that inspired Lionsgate to develop a Dead Island movie.

[via Geeks of Doom]



I remember the original trailer which went forward to the horrific end. Emotionally it was so much worse seeing the reverse version. I was really excited for the game based on the sheer tragedy of what played out. I didn't get the game, (due to some reviews) but the music and events of what I saw stuck with me.

The live action version of the reverse trailer is just as hauntingly beautiful. I'm really impressed with the production and how well it stuck to the core of the original. Still offering that sense of "I must play this game if it's anything like what I just saw." Hopefully the film version will retain the essence of the piece as others have mentioned.