We may be able to see the long-awaited Mecha Angel battle some day. Halo Legends' producer announced that Evangelion is still in the pipeline for a live-action adaptation. And some Weta Workshop concept art hints at the potential awesomeness.

Evangelion is a massive series about a group of teenagers who pilot a kick ass band of mechas to fight the evil Angel mechas, who are trying to destroy the world.


Many years ago, it was announced that Evangelion would be made into a film, and now Halo Legends producer Joseph Chou has informed Anime News Network that not only is the movie still active, but that once the producers clear up a few red tape issues, the project should be put on the the fast track

What's been the big hold-up? Besides the red tape, apparently the Mecha movie concept has been a difficult pill to swallow in Hollywood, but Chou explained they were on the right track:

"right now we're with a producer and a studio that really understands beyond the whole mecha impact." Chou added, "They're really looking beyond that, and really looking at drama, human elements, even to those elements that appeal to otaku."


I guess we'll have to bide our time with this concept art from Weta Workshop via CG Society.