Live-action Akira gets a teaser trailer — but this one's fan-made

The on-again-off-again live-action Akira movie is probably not meant to be, but that isn't stopping some fans from imagining just how a live action version might look. This fan-made trailer does whitewash at least its Tetsuo character, but manages to strike a gloomy tone.

This trailer was directed by Fabien Dubois who also worked that fabulous Welcome to Hoxford fan movie (which was itself directed by Julien Mokrani, who worked as the producer on this trailer). I can't say this is the Akira I'd want to see in the theaters, but I wouldn't mind seeing a series of these fan-made trailers, with different directors offering their live-action reinterpretations of the classic anime film.


[via Twitch]

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Erik Sofge

What's it going to take to get everyone to stop talking about white-washing, with any potential American-remade Akira project?

No one flipped out when Infernal Affairs was remade as The Departed, with, shockingly, no Asian characters. Same for the Ring. Is it the name? Is that it? Is it some sort misplaced rage over The Last Airbender, where the white-washing was a genuine issue?

Please, get over it already, so we can focus on what's really important: How awful the proposed live-action projects have been, so far, including this weird mess above.