Monster Ark writer Declan O'Brien says he's optioned the rights to Roger Corman's 1960's Little Shop Of Horrors. Impossible to top the 1980s Frank Oz musical production? O'Brien doesn't think so.

Shock Till You Drop reports that O'Brien has optioned the rights to the feature and he claims:

"I have a take on it you're not going to expect. I'm taking it in a different direction, let's put it that way."


Roger Corman and The Bourne Identity producer Andrew Tennenbaum will be assisting this production but unless it's got singing, dancing, the best cameo list I've ever seen in any movie, ever and "Suddenly Seymour," I'm going to have to ask why bother? Frank Oz's musical still holds up today — take that money and save Broadway with a revival. Who's with me?

[Shock Till You Drop]

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