Little girl joins the Dark Side, is promptly kicked out of the Jedi Academy

Watch as one brave young Padawan publicly pledges her allegiance to Darth Vader, causing a befuddled Mace Windu to escort her off stage and send her to the "Sith Academy." I think we've just found the next Secret Apprentice!


While on a family trip to Disneyland, one little girl was asked to battle Darth Vader on stage — but she turned the tables, realizing the power of the Dark Side! From the Youtube page:

The Gallego family takes a trip to Disneyland and Sariah and Alex are chosen to join Jedi Academy!!!! Sariah decides to bow to Darth Vader and joins the Dark Side in front of everyone!!!!


Sariah Gallego, you're our new hero.

[Via The High Definite with the great headline "Kids Turn to the Darndest Sides"]

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Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!