Gotta love a happy robot.
Gotta love a happy robot.
Image: Netflix

Eager for some Black Mirror, but can’t stand to wait for more Black Mirror? Netflix has something for you, and it’s called—wait for it—Little Black Mirror.

Little Black Mirror, as Variety reports, is a series of three short online videos, set to debut on Netflix’s América Latina YouTube channel on May 26th, June 2nd, and June 6th, leading up to and through the release of the season proper. Much of the ensemble of these three shorts will be made up of Latinx social media personalities and influencers, and they’ll be directed by Rudy Mancuso, an actor, musician, and influencer.


The upcoming season of Black Mirror, itself also featuring just three episodes (though, presumably a lot longer episodes), will launch June 5th on Netflix proper.

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