British artist Mark Oliver makes his "Litter Bugs" from gears, old eyeglasses, tins, and other things he collects as materials for these pieces. Each one is given life through its display with a common name and a "scientific" name. The one above is the "Curio Bug" or "Coleoptera Peculiar."

On Oliver's website is a description of the artist's inspiration and process:

A childhood fascination with his father's hoard of electrical and engineering components, has held a wonderful influence over the 20 years of Mark's illustration and art work. Robots, industrial architecture and mechanics are consistent themes (boyish treasures) and collage is a recurring form that literally finds him layering, glueing and stitching all types of work.

Urban Entomology is Mark's (Post Modern) bow of respect to the Victorian tradition of insect collecting, where the decaying and disposed - the 'litter' of modernity, is assembled to create illusory collage. He intends the work to fascinate from a distance, and reveal humour and beautiful art upon closer inspection.

Mark painstakingly crafts each insect, and in opposition to the term 'litter' that he employs, much time and energy are given to sourcing interesting materials. The illusion is most powerful when a collection of Litter Bugs are hung together - Wunderkabinett!

A few more creations are below, but many, many more are in the gallery on Oliver's website.



[via My Modern Met]