And I mean EVERYTHING. Tonight’s season six finale may have contained more major developments than the previous nine episodes combined, and it’s been a pretty damned exciting season! Let’s discuss.

Good gods. The episode started with Cersei’s trial by the High Sparrow having... the most dramatic ending possible. We finally learned what Ned Stark discovered atop the Tower of Joy. Walder Frey got his just desserts (and dinner, too). And last but not least, Danaerys Stormborn is finally on her way to Westeros with dragons, the Unsullied, the Iron-born, and the Dothraki... and she already has two major allies waiting for her when she arrives.

So damn much happened I almost don’t know how the show is going to last for two more seasons, even if they’re shortened.

Winter has come. And Game of Thrones’ final act has begun.