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After 200 GBP went missing from a Polish animal shelter, the employees suspected they had a human thief in their midst. But when they managed to film the latest crime, they discovered a surprising culprit: one of the shelter's cats, who had been stealing and stashing the cash for weeks.


Managers at the Swinoujscie, Poland, shelter set a trap for their thief, aiming a camera at a pile of banknotes left on a desk. But it wasn't a member of the staff who showed up on the video; it was Clement, a two-year-old pedigree Burmese. After snatching the money, Clement dashed under a sofa, where the managers found the rest of the missing money.

This isn't Clement's first brush with crime. She's been known to run off with pens and rulers, but the staff never suspected she was taking cash as well. Perhaps she was saving up for her own kitty condo?


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Cat Burglar [Austrian Times via Neatorama]

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