Listening to Richard Feynman explain rubber bands will make your week

Need a pick-me-up? A little Feynman ought to do the trick.

A couple days ago, Jason Kottke posted this video of Richard Feynman explaining rubber bands in the ridiculously engaging way that Feynman explains thing, and now it's making the rounds online. We wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone that the clip is actually taken from a series of interviews that together comprise a collection titled "Richard Feynman: Fun to Imagine," a six-part series of fantastic explainers, delivered by Feynman, about the physical world.


You can watch and learn about the individual series installments, which originally aired in 1983, over at the BBC (they are, in order: "Jiggling Atoms"; "Stretching, Pulling and Pushing"; "How to Enjoy a Trip to the Dentist"; How Mirrors Turn You Inside Out"; "Big Numbers"; and "Ways of Thinking"); OR, you can watch them all in one go, in the YouTube video compiled here:

Richard Feynman: Fun to Imagine | Using physics to explain how the world works

Also worth watching: "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out," originally broadcast between 1981 and 1982.

Richard Feynman – The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Also also worth watching/reading:

The Feynman Lectures, in all their forms.


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I read the headline as "will make you weak," which I interpreted in the same way as when people talk about a really attractive person turning them on as making them "weak at the knees."

I was not disappointed when I clicked.