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Listen to Tom Cruise Scream Aimlessly in The Mummy Trailer Without Its Music or Sound Effects

Illustration for article titled Listen to Tom Cruise Scream Aimlessly in iThe Mummy Trailer /iWithout Its Music or Sound Effects

When the first trailer for The Mummy dropped a few weeks ago, it was, like most action movie trailers, a cacophony of sound and fury... but thanks to a delightful IMAX goof, now we sort of can imagine what it sounds like during filming, which it turns out is kind of silly.

Overnight IMAX accidentally released—and then hastily removed—a version of the new Mummy trailer online that featured all but a few channels of sound missing. It makes for a really weird viewing experience when all you get to hear is some isolated sound bites and the dialogue:


[Update: Unfortunately the video is no longer working.]

It’s kind of hilarious when you get to the plane crash bit and Tom Cruise is just screaming into the silent void. And when the soundtrack and other sounds kick back in for the final section, it makes you realize just how important it all is to the movie experience.


James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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