Listen to the New Muppet Babies Theme, Performed by Hamilton's Renée Elise Goldsberry

Image: Disney
Image: Disney

Muppet Babies taught us all that we can make our dreams come true. And if your very oddly specific dream was “Oh boy, I wish Hamilton star Renée Elise Goldberry could sing the theme for a Muppet Babies remake,” then do we have a treat for you.

Revealed by Entertainment Weekly this morning, here’s the full theme for Disney Kid’s long-awaited CG reboot of the beloved Muppets spinoff, complete with a peppy rock backing track and significantly fewer Muppet Babies themselves singing, because why do that when you could have someone like Goldberry on vocals?

There’s a few tweaks to the classic theme—unsurprising, given that the new theme has to include new arrival Summer the Penguin, who apparently loves to paint—but it’s still mostly intact. Plus, the opening gives us a really good look at the animation in action, and while it’s missing a little of the nostalgic charm of the original art, it still looks pretty good. Certainly better than some other beloved kid show reboots we’ve seen lately.


Muppet Babies is set to return to Disney Channel on March 23.

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I remember the original series had an episode where they went to a mine that had salt AND pepper...for the longest time I thought those items were mined like coal.