Listen to the entire score from Shane Carruth's Upstream Color

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Twisty story telling director Shane Carruth, director of Primer, has released the score to his latest film Upstream Color to tantalize your ears with promises of nothingness and everythingness. We don't know — it's all so abstract and crazy. Classic Carruth. According to Slashfilm, Carruth's latest work hinges greatly on its score (also composed by the director). So strap in and take a listen. And if you find any clues, please be a dear and tell us.


[via Brooklyn Vegan]

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I wrote a long (spoiler-free) review of Upstream Color when I saw it last week at the Berlin Film Festival. It can be read here.

Short version: I loved it. If anything beats it in 2013.... I don't think it's even possible. It's not confusing, it's emotional and a sensory experience. It's challenging, but straightforward. It's beautiful and amazing.

Also, the soundtrack and sound design has a lot to do with the film. That's all I'll say.