Listen to Porgs Sing the Star Wars Theme and Never Complain About Jar Jar Ever Again [Update]

What’s a porg, you ask? Well, it’s not quite a pigeon, and it’s not quite a hog, so to answer your question, I have no idea. What I do know is that before you become completely sick of the tiny creatures you need to watch them sing the Star Wars theme, courtesy of some clever sound effects sampling.


At this point in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi marketing blitz, you’re probably asking yourself, “This is what Anakin Skywalker died for?” Darth Vader is probably rolling over in his grave at the thought of bigger Death Stars, bigger AT-ATs, and bigger merchandising opportunities than the Ewoks. But porgs are now part of the official Star Wars canon (no, not that canon, the new one) so just buckle up and enjoy the ride at this point.


Update, 8:08a.m. EST/EDT: The song’s creator, Julian Bahmani, has let us know there’s now a longer version on YouTube if, for some reason, you still can’t get enough Porgs.

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The hate some people have for these things only makes me love them all the more.