Listen to Michael Giacchino's very Lost-inspired score from John Carter

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One thing Disney's epic alien war flick John Carter has going for it is composer Michael Giacchino. We dare you not to tear up listening to these three tracks from Giacchino's latest movie score. You can't help but think of his past work on Star Trek's USS Kelvin scene, or the many weepy-eyed Lost moments.


YouTube user Luke19905 posted these these three tracks, which were pulled from the radio show "Movie On The Radio" from WQXR, which debuted them.

"John Carter's Theme"

"Dejah's Theme" (which sounds a whole heck of a lot like his work on Lost specifically the "Life and Death" track)

"Pursuit of Dejah"

Listen to even more of the John Carter score over at the films' official website. The movie hits theaters on March 9th.

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I was quite unhappy with Michael Giacchino's score to Star Trek 2009 in large part because it sounded nothing like previous scores and because the main theme could have been churned out by a "MOVIE FANFARE-O-MATIC 2000". It wasn't really worthy of either a fun action adventure movie that happened to have Star Trek in it or the composer who brought us the soundtracks to movies like The Incredibles and Up! And Alias! Since Jerry Goldsmith passed away, we were left with a Nexus-sized hold in Star Trek that really only a few folks could fill. If I had my druthers (which I think are old, old wooden ships, from the Civil War era), Dennis McCarthy of TNG and Generations or James Horner of Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock would have been in there scoring the thing.

His work on John Carter sounds like Lost almost too much. Still, I doubt the soundtrack will end up being seen as the problem with John Carter.