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Listen to Characters From It, Thor, and Wonder Woman Croon a Parody Song Written for the Oscars

Pennywise didn’t make an appearance at the Oscars, but he could have.
Pennywise didn’t make an appearance at the Oscars, but he could have.
Photo: Warner Bros.

It’s no secret that blockbuster movies rarely get a lot of love on Oscar night. So, this year, producers tried to remedy that by hiring comedy songwriters the Lonely Island to tackle the subject. However, the resulting idea was deemed “financially and logistically impossible” and cut from the show.


That didn’t stop the Lonely Island, though, whose members (including Andy Samberg) posted a rough version of their idea online today. If they’d had their way, Chris Hemsworth would have reprised his role as Thor, Gal Gadot would’ve appeared as Wonder Woman, Bill Skarsgård would’ve been Pennywise, Jason Momoa would’ve been Aquaman... you get the idea. Here’s the video for “Why Not Me.”

The Aquaman/Shape of Water stuff is my favorite but, as the video goes on and on and becomes more and more elaborate, it’s pretty obvious this skit was never really going to happen. All the Chrises would’ve had to participate, as well as Michael Fassbender, Vin Diesel, and other actors who weren’t even at the Oscars, let alone available to make fun of their own movies.


So while we may never see the fully realized version of what “Why Not Me” could’ve been—at least we have this.


Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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